Pamper and cleanse your skin using our refreshing micellar water with saffron from Crozia Brilliance series. Its softness, gives the skin a fresh and radiant look, removes impurities and makeup in one easy step. The magical saffron micellar water formula cleans all impurities, including waterproof formulas, without having to wash your face. Softness and hydration that soothes your skin and gives a velvety softness. Our creation makes your skin toned, refined and noticeably fresher.
The soothing and hydrating properties of our facial cleansing water makes it suitable for sensitive skin. It is safe to use around the eye contour area. You can also apply the Saffron Serum along with the rest of our products from the Brilliance series!


Quality Certificate

The Excellent rating by Dermatest - Germany in the dermatological test and the subsequent certification of the Saffron Micellar Water is a true recognition and appreciation of the high quality of our products.


Composition of saffron micellar water

Saffron extract (Crocus Sativus Stigma Extract) – a natural moisturizer that improves skin elasticity and enhances its natural protection.
Sodium hyaluronate (Sodium Hyaluronate) – acts effectively against the signs of aging and provides density. The skin is noticeably firmer and more pleasant to the touch.


Application method

Apply a small amount of micellar water on a cotton pad and carefully clean your face with gentle motions. Use daily in the morning and evening to achieve clear and radiant skin. You can also apply at any time of the day to freshen up your face. For more tangible results, use in combination with our day or night saffron creams from the Brilliance series.