Ladies’ luxury skincare set, a 5-step skincare from Crozia Brilliance series- an intensive programme to beautiful, glowing skin. A set of 5 products for the face, gathered in a sophisticated lady’s bag with a unique design- treat yourself and your loved ones with this unique gift. Pamper your skin with the natural and gentle Saffron from Crozia Brilliance.
Gift yourself beauty and vitality with the powerful ingredients of this rich lilac flower, grown with love and care in our Saffron fields in Bulgaria. A special daily care for a hydrated, revitalized and velvety soft skin, that includes:



Light texture for every day - makes the skin radiant, glowing and helps you achieve a more even skin tone. Saffron hydrates, smooths out fine wrinkles and stimulates skin regeneration. It acts as an antioxidant and protects against natural UV radiation.


Improves skin elasticity and smooths the contour. Saffron enhances the natural tone of the skin. During a night's sleep saffron nourishes the skin, through full absorption of useful substances and minerals. The powerful antioxidant action gives a fresh and radiant look.


Its daily application restores and smooths out the eye contour. Saffron has a depigmenting effect, reduces the appearance of dark circles and signs of fatigue. The even and lightened complexion makes the skin glow and the eyes beam.



Intensive serum with strong nourishing effect. Expands the effect of saffron on the natural regenerative properties of the skin.  The pronounced depigmenting effect gives an even and radiant complexion. The serum also improves the turgor. The skin is firm and without signs of fatigue.


Micellar water

Soft micellar water with saffron. Gently cleanses and hydrates the skin. Gives a fresh and radiant look, effectively removes all dirt and makeup, gives a feeling of softness . The skin is healthy, smooth and hydrated


Immerse yourself in the mystique rich aroma of Bulgarian Saffron. Offer your skin a unique experience. 
The ladies series from Crozia Brilliance skincare is the perfect choice for your everyday beauty routine and a unique gift for all occasions.
Crozia’s skincare golden bag, full of magic, will impress the most sophisticated tastes with style, beauty and elegance.