Gentle saffron is proven to be the most expensive spice per unit weight in the world. It is no coincidence that it is often called "red gold". In addition to cooking, this precious natural gift is particularly important in cosmetics and medicine. This makes it an invaluable and highly desirable ingredient for various applications.
According to laboratory analysis performed in England, France, Switzerland and Germany, the the best saffron in the world is produced in Bulgaria. The results of the research are truly impressive and the findings demonstrate that Bulgaria has some of the most favorable conditions for the cultivation of the wonderful saffron crocus.
Its extraction is a complex and time-consuming process. It takes a lot of knowledge and hard work, but the beauty and high value of the Bulgarian saffron rewards all our efforts. The soil in Bulgaria is fertile enough to produce naturally pure saffron crocus. The cultivation process is truly picturesque. At dawn, before sunrise, the saffron flowers are carefully harvested by hand, one by one, before they open their petals. What follows is a precise separation of the stigmas from the purple flowers. At this stage, saffron does not smell much. Its aroma is released after the stigmas are completely dried.
In order to preserve the quality of the flowers, the intricate preservation process requires special attention.
The end product has a sweet aroma, with floral and woody tones. It has a slightly bitter flavour reminiscent of honey that leaves a lasting memory on your taste buds.
Apart from these distinctive culinary characteristics, one of the most important qualities of saffron grown in Bulgaria is its indispensable value in skin care. It protects from sunburn, makes the skin fresh and soft, and helps reduce unwanted pigmentation. This is only a small part of the benefits of this vulnerable flower. The priceless Bulgarian saffron is blended in Crozia products for you to enjoy. Touch its beauty, let it enchant you!