The sun gives us energy and strength every day, but it is also the biggest challenge for our skin. Our face and neck are in constant contact with UVA and UVB rays penetrating the epidermis. They lead to sun allergies, hyper pigmentation and premature aging, so proper care is important throughout the year, every day. And the right day cream with UV protection provides this daily comfort to your skin.
The tendency is to use sunscreens, which are composed entirely of natural ingredients derived from plants and help with their antioxidant activity for ultraviolet absorption. Thanks to the face cosmetics with UV protection - Crozia Brilliance, you will experience the effects of one the most valuable and beautiful flowers in nature, which will protect and nourish your skin in the best way.


Rejuvenating and hydrating properties

Saffron, this colourful delicate blossom is a key ingredient in our cosmetic line. It has been known since antiquity for its miraculous rejuvenating and hydrating properties.
Over the last decade, the fragrant and healing flower has undergone a real revolution due to its unsurpassed qualities and the world is increasingly convinced of the benefits of this natural product. Its rich variety of plant compounds acting as antioxidants, namely - crocetin, crocin, saffron and kaempferol, help protect the skin from free radicals and stressors. But a number of studies have shown that "red gold" also acts as an excellent anti-solar agent, even better than homozala, which is used in specialized sunscreen.

UV protection from nature

The saffron extract, found in the moisturizing face cream with UV protection Crozia Brilliance, is highly concentrated with phenolic acids and flavonoids, which enhance the deeply regenerating and anti-aging effect on the skin, fighting successfully against UV rays. It also deeply hydrates the skin and reduces water loss. Another important advantage of our day cream with UV protection is ferulic acid - also a main ingredient in sunscreen products, which in saffron extract is not only abundant, but is also extracted in a completely natural way.  Thus, your skin is protected from radicals and harmful UV rays from nature itself, through the divine saffron flower.

This is the advantage of Crozia - natural facial cosmetics with UV protection, which provides protection against the entire UV spectrum, so that your skin is always perfect, healthy and hydrated.