Crozia is a Bulgarian cosmetics boutique company dedicated entirely to the production of natural cosmetic products with saffron.  Our modern vision, unique style and personal touch to every product will impress you.
At the heart of our creations lies the beautiful divine flower known since ancient times for its extraordinary qualities and beneficial effects on the skin. Captivated by its magical ability to transform the skin with more than 150 ingredients, and keeping up with the world's constantly evolving trends, Crozia has been creating a new generation of high-quality cosmetic series. 
The formula specially developed with a high concentration of saffron stigma extract, significantly enhances the beneficial effects on your skin.
We make it all happen with our highly qualified team of professionals in the field of dermatology, pharmacology and cosmetics. By combining ancient recipes and modern scientific achievements, we have developed an exclusive cosmetics line that has a restorative and rejuvenating effect on your skin. 
Our success story emanates mainly from the usage of raw materials regulated under strict control. Saffron, which is a key component in our creations, is cultivated in its natural environment. Grown on fertile soil and without any synthetic additives, our Saffron possesses the purest power of nature, also referred to as the true “Red Gold”! 

Our products are an expression of love, individuality and responsibility, all characteristics embedded in Crozia. Dermatologically tested, certified and given an Excellent rating, along with the original DERMATEST – Germany seal, the creations reaching you are unique and unmatched. Trust in Crozia! With the exceptional Saffron, we are breathing new life into cosmetics!