About us

We are Crozia, an innovative cosmetics company. Our mission is to reveal the wonderful effect on your skin of this small miracle of nature, the saffron crocus. We create cosmetic series that are a true revelation. Let the beauty of your skin blossom every day.

About the company

Crozia is a Bulgarian cosmetics boutique company dedicated entirely to the production of natural cosmetic products with saffron.

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Our Saffron production

Saffron is an extremely rich cultivation that grows proudly in Bulgaria. Extremely beautiful and fragrant, the crocus blooms during the colourful autumn season, and its most important qualities emanate from the pistil of its flowers.

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Skin care

Creating boutique cosmetics requires love, creative thinking and a free spirit. Crozia brand combines all three elements, striking the right balance and producing unmatched cosmetic lines that fascinate with their vision and exceptional quality!

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Quality certificates

Creating cosmetics is a magical process, our certification ensures that we have fully mastered this art!

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the beauty

Certification is the first and most important recognition for the excellent qualities of our products. It is a proof of their exceptional benefits to your skin. Our products make your skin look healthy, fresh and will impress at first sight.
The Crozia brand provides you with the most impressive benefits of saffron flowers, the appearance in full harmony with its unique qualities. Touch the exotic mysticism of this gem that will captivate your senses!